Time Required

Car Features


From the time the initial deposit is received an approximate “build time” of six (6) months will be expected to complete the build of an Exotic SSX vehicle. Times may be shorter or possibly longer due to parts availability from the various manufacturers who supply the necessary components to complete a car.

The Exotic Vette team is committed to building each and every SSX with the very best quality possible with a focus on perfection in appearance and performance.

The SSX is a very beautiful and uniquely designed automobile, with built-in creature comfort and modern performance characteristics that any car lover will enjoy. That is why the initial 4-6 month target for building the first few cars has been considered a realistic goal.

For the first few Buyers it is expected that it could take up to two or three months from the time we show Buyers what we can produce, to the time they actually make up their mind to buy, then order a vehicle. We understand the financial commitment, as well as the need for a buyer to “TRUST” our company.

We believe that having your own CUSTOM BUILT, EXOTIC VETTE SSX model just the way YOU WANT IT……..will more than justify the price, and the wait !


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