FLORIDA BUYERS: When possible, Exotic Vettes may provide delivery within the State of Florida.  A Buyer may be offered this service from Exotic Vettes as an additional service option. Such delivery will be estimated at a current estimated cost of $1.50 per mile (subject to change) for a round-trip delivery from the factory.

The delivery may be provided by company-owned or privately owned enclosed- trailers and a factory representative will be present at the delivery location to complete any paperwork, title prep documents, receipts, etc. Any such delivery will require pre-payment by check or wired funds to Exotic Vettes Sales, Inc. for the vehicle being delivered, plus sales tax if applicable.

OUTSIDE of FLORIDA: Buyers will pay Exotic Vettes Sales, Inc. the full FOB (freight-on-board) at the factory price of the car plus the Florida 6.5% Sales Tax prior to shipping!

In addition the buyer will be fully responsible for all shipping, crating, and insurance related costs. Exotic Vettes will NOT be responsible for any damages incurred or any required repairs as a result of such shipment unless delivery is made by Exotic Vettes.

OVER-SEAS: Buyers who require delivery overseas can arrange for shipment of a crated car they have purchased once full payment is made to the satisfaction of Exotic Vettes Sales, Inc.

While the cost to deliver a vehicle to a designated port location is the full responsibility of the Buyer, Exotic Vettes can arrange for a cargo service vendor such as the CFR Rinkens Transport, Inc. to provide complete shipping services to a Buyer. This company is a properly licensed and insured company that ships new and custom automobiles out of the port of Miami, FL.

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