Exotic Vette SSX FAQ

Exotic Vette SSX FAQ

Body related Questions:

Question: Do you have a hard top available?
Answer:  Not as of Aug. 15, 2017. However there is BREAKING NEWS. Our Exotic design staff is creating a new HARDTOP COUPE version of our car.  We hope to have our custom designed part fabricated soon so we can share photos and begin selling the new body style to clients who have already shown an interest!

Note: We will continue to offer the Roadster SSX with the dual aircraft-style windscreen as our base model, as well as offering the “Original Style” Corvette® windshield Roadster version. No Soft Convertible top is yet available ……….but Owners may get a custom-made “snap-in-place” canvas tannau cover for the passenger area.

In 2018 we may consider a canvas-type top with zip-in side windows for use with the “Original 1957 Style Corvette®  windshield, with the one-piece straight roll bar.

Of course the development of these items in the future will heavily depend on the volume of Buyer requests. For the record, a hard top for the original 1957 Corvette® will not mount onto our highly modified bodies.

Question: Have you made any provisions for a larger driver?

Answer: Yes. We have stretched the driver’s compartment a full 5 inches to accommodate taller & larger drivers. The seats will be fully adjustable to fit the drivers comfort. However, the standard wheel-base has been retained.  In addition, we are altering the custom frame going forward to allow for an additional 3-4 inch seat “lowering adjustment” not in the initial prototype model.  These factors should make any size driver comfortable!

Question: Will you build one without the extreme fender flares?

Answer: Not at this time the fender flares and extensive body modifications are an integral part of the Exotic Vette we produce.

Are just the major components of your Vettes available for purchase?

Answer: No.We produce the bodies for our cars exclusively. The Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. builds a completely new turn-key car, using all new parts and custom components. We have worked hand-in-hand with Art Morrison Enterprises to provide a chassis unsurpassed in reliability and performance. As mentioned elsewhere, Exotic Vettes are ‘NOT KIT CARS’.

Car Questions:

Question: I’m interested in a competition version of your Vette, what competition types are available?

Answer: You name it …. we have the capabilities to produce a Road Course, Autocross, Closed Wheel Circuit Racing, Rally Racing and even Drifting. Currently the Exotic Vettes are being produced to drive safely on public street and roads. However, since our cars are being made with specially designed strengthening materials and we only use state of the art high quality frames, suspension parts and drive trains, it is possible for any owner to make alterations with specific race-type safety features. It is also expected that this car can be the foundation of a car that could meet any sanctioned racing organization in the United States. With the proper modifications, owners could use our cars in drifting, rally racing, sports car racing, drag racing or any other racing which has production

Standard VS Custom Model Differences

Question: Is there any distinction made for a customized model?

Answer: No, not as far as “branding” is concerned.

All cars sold will carry the SSX ‘brand’ such as the badge Logo that is placed on the cars built by Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. If the Buyer has requested additional optional or alternative mechanical parts that involve an additional cost above the standard or Base Model, we classify it as a “Custom Car” for production purposes. This custom status will be noted in the Serial # that is assigned to that particular vehicle. The custom models Serial # will include the letter C to indicate that the car has custom parts. The Base Model of SSX all have Standard equipment, therefore they have no options that involve any up-charge.

Chassis & Suspension Questions:

Question: Is the Exotic Vette available with Independent Rear Suspension?

Answer: Yes it is. This involves an up-graded cost option. While some owners will be happy with the much improved standard form of drive line that we use in our base model, we realize that some very astute owner/drivers may wish to have a very high-end performance oriented rear suspension system for applications such as normal driving or possibly to prepare the car to participate in local off-road activities such as autocross or drag racing venues. Others may want to set up their cars with superior handling characteristics of independent rear suspension for touring or applications such as rallies, autocross or other applications.

Interior related Questions:


Question: Can I get air-conditioning in my SSX?

Answer: Yes as of July 31, 2017. Due to the fact that we can now offer a hard top version of the SSX we will be offering A/C as a standard part of any HARD TOP Versions of the car going forward.  However A/C will be an optional up-charge for the Standard Roadster models sold. Because the Base model is an open Roadster, it is not expected that an A/C will be called for, by most buyers.

Tires & Rims — related Questions:

Question: Can I choose my own tires? . . . . wheels/rims?

Answer: Tires, no Wheels, yes. Tires offered will be only B.F.Goodrich at this time. Standard Equipment B.F.G. 335/30ZR G-Force Rival

Wheels options are available currently, but they must adhere to our factory design specifications for reasons of fit and clearance issues. Also, Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc.as a production company has made special arrangements with Billet Specialties with priority pricing for our customers. Additionally, it should be noted that there will be no deduction in vehicle cost should the customer wish to alter his or her wheel style after the Exotic Vette SSX is delivered.

Financial Questions:

Question: Do you provide any financing of the cost of the Exotic Vette SSX?

Answer: No. Customers will be responsible for any special financing necessary to complete their purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our Vette models will come with a legitimate appraisal from Classic Auto Appraisals as to the vehicles “fair market value” in an effort to aid the customer in acquiring financing for their vehicle as well as proper insurance. Feel free to contact Jim Cowan at www.autoappraisals.com. 1-888-698-6668.  Jim and this firm are known throughout the country for appraising specialty cars for museums, car collectors, and historic show vehicles all through the U.S. and Canada. All other financial aspects of the purchase of an SSX will be subject to the individual Buyer’s \ borrower’s situation and the lender’s discretion.

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