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Exotic Corvettes uses B.F. Goodrich G-Force tires exclusively on all SSX Models. There will be a STANDARD front and rear tire and rim size of 18″ by 12″ wide for all EXOTIC VETTES.

The following size and dimensions were part of the build-design plans for the unique EXOTIC VETTE look and performance characteristics.

Front Wheels .. Diameter = 18 inches Width =12 inches
Rear Wheels Diameter = 18 inches Width =12 inches

Tires Front and Rear: B.F. Goodrich g-Force Rival S

Tire Specifications: Tread Width: 12.1″ Dia. 25.9″
Size Code: 335/30ZR ….. (may vary by mfg.)

The following information was obtained from B.F. Goodrich marketing material:

The tire’s internal structure features BFGoodrich’s Performance Racing Core reinforced internal structure that reduces flex to increase steering response. The tread is stabilized by twin steel belts and an Equal Tension Containment System (ETEC System) of spirally wrapped nylon to optimize the tire’s contact patch and traction at speed. The G-Control sidewall inserts tune the sidewall stiffening it to promote quick steering response.

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