SAFETY Features

Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. (aka: Exotic Vettes) is focused on producing a great driving experience for any high performance car enthusiasts, particularly those who love the iconic style of the older C1 Corvette®, using today™s modern mechanical technologies. Great handling was just not built into the old original cars, so Exotic Vettes has taken steps to remedy the old cars™ handling & suspension problems.

A major feature that you MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SEE when you first look at an Exotic Vette in person, but we believe it is a critical necessity. It is driver and passenger SAFETY! Because safety is NOT an option, here are some of the features that are included in every Exotic Vette we build & sell:

· Five-point harness for driver and passenger

· Dual metal plates laminated under the seating area: These are sandwiched between the layers of fiber-glass in order to provide sufficient holding power to secure both the seat and the passenger restraint system.

· We use OEM designed hinges, flanges and strikers for the doors to avoid the problrm of sagging doors, while providing excellent closure and latching. We also add a metal bar inside the door that you may never, see but it adds additional strength for your safety.

· The SSX from the frame up has been engineered with a low center of gravity with all of the necessary heavier weight components being placed between the front & rear axle center lines to enhance the cornering capabilities and the anti-roll features of the vehicle.

· Wilwood Big Brake System .also used for the C6 Corvette®, is used for stopping power

· Unique push-button controlled electronic parking /emergency brake system

· Inertia sensor control for fuel pump shut-off . This automatically shuts off the fuel pump if the vehicle is involved in a collision.

· GT-Sport Chassis from ART MORRISON , who created a CAD designed chassis using mandrel-bent 2x 4 steel side rails. .. customized just for the Exotic SSX

· Independent Front Suspension improves driver control and reduces impact of driving on bumps or uneven road surfaces.

· GPS based Car Finder system with mobile phone app for location application plus desk top computer access.

DRIVE CAREFULLY and HAVE FUN …… knowing that these safety features are always there for YOU!


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