Paint & Interior

Paint ‘“ You get to Select YOUR own ….
Color Choices

EXOTIC uses only the highest quality paint materials available on the market today and every paint job is applied by professionals in our factory using state of the art techniques and finished to an award winning luster.

Our models are available in any G.M. color code sold since 2013.

1. No 3-STAGE PAINT finishes are offered at Exotic Vettes. However an effort to ‘match’ a 3-stage paint color may be considered if a 2-stage paint is found by our paint technician and approved by a buyer.

2. BLACK – All cars painted black, will require an up-charge of $2,500. This is due to the extra labor costs involved with our required double-pre-paint preparation, as well as final prep sanding required prior to the final paint application. Black is known for its characteristic swirls and requires post-paint-buffing and polishing required to make the finish appear “flawless”. Exotic’s high quality paint standards demand that the double prep-work be done and post-paint work be done in order to meet our own high standards. This is a key to making a black car “PURE BLACK“!

All Exotic Vettes will include as ‘Standard’, two-tone paint choices. One color for the main body, and another color (if desired) for the side cove to create a contrast for appearance. Of course a single color choice (for body & cove) is offered also.

Interior Options:

Interior Color Choices are available in various color combinations.

All interior packages are available in a high quality faux-leather product that is often preferred for roasters and convertibles. The customer can choose from a wide variety of color combinations to suit their personal tastes.

In addition, Genuine Leather (up-charge option) may be requested. (refer to: Production Order Form (PO FORM). All interiors are hand crafted using the finest materials available to the automotive industry. Please see our options page for information concerning additional material costs & color options.