Independent Rear Suspension

Independent Rear Suspension: . Optional: Please check the options section for pricing of this upgrade.

YES. This is an expensive option since it adds multiple moving parts, plus, the basic frame has to be modified during fabrication by Art Morrison. BUT, it does make a very real difference in cornering & control considering the POWER to WEIGHT ratio of the car !

The optional up-graded chassis includes this Art Morrison Enterprises independent rear suspension set-up. The Independent Rear Suspension version is designed to allow the driver a more positive handling package compared to any other old re-built corvette, or any newly fabricated corvette body kit that uses a stock frame.

If an owner enjoys road racing or auto crossing any SSX Vette, the I.R.S. set-up along with the appropriate alterations the Owner wishes to make to participate in such events, should prove the car to be quite a competitor. However, the complete I.R.S. package also works very well on the street and is applicable in all driving situations. We at Exotic Vettes strive to offer discriminating Buyers the best automobile possible. Therefore, we include this custom I.R.S. set-up as an upgrade option in an effort to provide even the most quality-demanding and performance-oriented customers exactly what they desire in today’s sports car market.

Art Morrison GT Sport Chassis® Custom Independent Rear Suspension System (IRS)

Independent Rear Suspensio 02
View of IRS ..Rear Drive Unit

Independent Rear Suspensio 01

The decoupled links allow changes to one parameter without affecting others. This gives you the freedom to set the car up for optimal handling under varying conditions.

Independent Rear Suspensio 03

All photos are used for this website with permission from Art Morrison @ Art Morrison Enterprises.

Please visit for information for additional information and specifications concerning their chassis.

Chassis & Suspension details:

The Art Morrison Enterprises GT Sport Chassis ® used in the Exotic Vette SSX will make even the most discriminating sports car driver envious. Handling performance is enhanced through the use of C6 Corvette® Independent Front Suspension components vastly improving the handling over the stock 1957 Corvette® suspension.

The camber, caster, roll center and scrub radius on the Art Morrison Enterprises GT Sport Chassis ® has been re-designed from the C6 Corvette® suspension in the following areas:

  • The Swing Arm Arc has been shortened to better maintain camber angle while cornering.
  • The static roll center height was reduced to minimize side scrub and jacking force.
  • These modifications have improved straight line stability and enhanced ride quality. The static caster modifications were made to promote a crisper steering ‘feel’.

The center of gravity of the GT Sport Chassis has been lowered allowing the Exotic Vette SSX to have a lower stance. This is made possible through the use of through-frame passageways for the exhaust system. The lower center of gravity is yet another feature that will give the Exotic Vette SSX superior handling characteristics.

The rear suspension of the GT Sport Chassis has by no means been ignored and boasts a triangulated 4-bar rear suspension. This in itself is an improvement over the rear suspension of the C5 ‘Vette by using a special triangulated 4-bar rear suspension instead of an Independent Rear Suspension. The triangulated 4-bar setup performs well in terms of acceleration control and provides excellent lateral stability.

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Art Morrison chassis clip

Detailed Illustration

NOTE: The photos and information on this page were provided by and approved by Mr. Art Morrison, owner of Art Morrison Enterprises. He has been supplying car frames to Bob Alford’s clients for over 23 years!

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