Engine Options


All engine combinations come standard with a high performance engine oil cooler.

The standard / base model SSX comes with the LS-3 engine package. This is the same engine that was standard equipment in the C-6 Corvette® from GM.

ENGINE: …… LS-3 engine 6.2 liter with 430 hp and it has
425 ft-lbs. of torque @ 4,600 rpm

Stock Automatic Transmission: GM 4L65-E ..
Four-Speed overdrive Automatic (*)

GM OPTIONS:   (as of July 25, 2017)

LS-7 GM High Performance Engine 505 HP –
naturally aspirated / wet or dry sump oil pan
LT-4 GM High Performance Engine …. 650 HP …
Supercharged / wet or dry sump oil pan

The specially modified High Performance engines are now available ! … cost and horsepower is based on Customer’s choice.


LS-7 engine : This is a 7.0 liter engine with 505 hp. and 470 ft. lbs. of torque at 4,800 rpm. This is the same motor that GM used in the original C6 model ZO6 Corvette® which became a favorite with Vette owners and Custom Hot Rod enthusiasts due to 427 cu. in. displacement and it reliability.

The transmission that comes with this engine: GM 4L70-E four speed, with overdrive, Automatic trans. (*)

More DetailsThe LS 7 Naturally Aspirated Engine
is the same engine as the C-6 Corvette® Z06 !

The LS 7 may go down in history as a benchmark in naturally aspirated power & performance. Known for its spectacular results in the Corvette® Z06 models in recent years, it is now one of the most popular engines for enthusiasts who want more power in their classic project vehicles. 

The Chevrolet® Performance Parts Division’s LS-7 crate engine package includes a production-style engine but with dry sump oil pan. With its classic 427 cubic inch displacement, forged crankshaft, titanium connecting rods plus the big 2.20-inch titanium valves, this engine is powerful, quick to respond, and reliable. The LS-7 will provide “power to spare” for the Custom Exotic SSX owner!

THE REAL BEAST of the GM bunch
………LT-4 engine option.

The LT 4 Supercharged Engine puts out 650 hp just as it comes out of the crate! This supercharged engine also cranks out 650 ft. lbs. of torque at 4,600 rpms and is the heart of the newer C7 Corvettes®. With this set-up, this engine became the most powerful engine ever offered in a regular production Chevrolet® sold through 2016.

The transmission that is “strongly recommended” by GM Technical Experts is the MANUAL T56 Magnum Six-Speed transmission. However, NEW for 2017 —– the all new ultra-strong 8L90-E automatic transmission is now available from GM Performance Parts.

This creates the highest performance SSX being offered with “STOCK” GM engines at this time. The cost still represents a significant savings to our Custom Exotic Vette SSX customers compared to retail prices being charged by most custom engine installers.

More details:  The LT-4 SUPERCHARGED POWER .

This is the same engine GM puts in the as C7 Corvette® ZO6 through 2016!  It features a more-efficient, more-compact 1.7L Eaton R1740 TVS supercharger, which spins at up to 20,000 rpm. That is enough to generate more than 9 lbs of boost and help this engine produce 650 horsepower!

Buyers should be aware that this engine option selection requires special engineering when the frame is built by Art Morrison to handle the potential G forces that the LT-4 is capable of creating.

The power this engine produces requires an experienced driver with intestinal fortitude. In addition, a very strong drive train from front to rear is a must-have, particularly if the owner wishes to drive the car as it should be, and still have long-term reliability.

The combination of the LT4 and the 6-speed manual transmission or the new 8L90-E automatic with 8-speeds, along with the light weight of our Exotic Vette SSX will be undeniably powerful and challenging to even experienced drivers. Can you say … “FIVE-WAY SAFETY HARNESS” ……….it may be required ???

The T56 Manual Transmission is offered as an option to the base model LS 3 engine and the LS 7 engine package. The upgrade charge for those engines is noted for those selections on our Production Order Form, and this option includes a high performance duel-disc clutch assembly.

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Engine & Drive Train Warranty:

All of the engines used in the production of the Exotic Vettes SSX are brand-new GM crate engines and drive train which have GM’s Performance Parts® 2-year limited factory warranty. Service can be done by any GM dealer in the country!

For those overseas Buyers, even you can get service from any authorized GM dealer or mechanic.

The PRODUCTION ORDER FORM (PO form) will show all options and pricing of all individual upgrades available at the time of your order. These options are subject to change without notice during the year due to vendor’s ability to supply the necessary parts.