Coupe Hardtop

Coupe Hardtop

The SSX Coupe Hardtop design will be a fully customized hardtop that to satisfy the most discrete buyers.

During the first few months of showing the Exotic Vette SSX prototype at several national car show events, three common questions were raised by potential buyers:

  1. Will you be building a hard top version? Yes and it is in development now.
  2. Will you offer A/C on the hardtop version? Yes, also in development.
  3. Will Exotic be creating a convertible top version? In a future release.

For the purist Corvette® owner, we will continue to offer the (optional) original style windshield design for the roadster version.  However, Exotic is not yet ready, to offer a soft-convertible top. That project will remain idle until such time as consumer demand warrants the time required to create a soft top.

The only way to create a functional  hardtop is to  create a customized version of the original 1957 hard top. We will be using design parts from a C-2 Vette windshield, and marry those parts to the back-half of an actual 1957 Vette hard top design, using a custom rear window that screams “old 1957 Vette”.

One additional feature of the design is to create a light-weight removable Targa version of the top so one person can handle it with ease. The net result will be that the front section of the top over the passengers will be removable, while the back window portion will be part of the vehicle which will enhance the  strength of the body.

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