Chassis & Suspension

We offer the Art Morrison Enterprises (AME), GT Sport chassis exclusively.

The AME standard GT Sport chassis was created for the 1953-62 Corvettes®, however, Art Morrison engineers have made some enhancements to this frame for our EXOTIC VETTE models.

Due to popular demand, AME has developed a unique GT Sport chassis for the First Generation Corvette®; one that uses an AME Sport IFS front tubular suspension with a Wilwood spindle instead of OEM C6 Corvette components and facilitates the use of front wheels with various diameters. This is what Exotic Vettes will have.

We believe that it is time to replace the ancient technology from 1957 with 21st Century dynamics. Moreover, you can easily upgrade to LS power and most any popular standard shift or automatic transmission.

Extensive engineering and suspension analysis confirms that the performance of this new C1 chassis is on an even par with our original GT Sport chassis with C6 components. The Art Morrison technical team says, “Given the proper amount of horsepower, big brakes and a good set of high performance tires, it’s quite possible to achieve 1+Gs in acceleration, braking and the skid pad.”

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Background Information:
For more than 20 years Bob Alford, Exotic’s Production Manager used the AME chassis to create custom hot rods and muscle cars for customers with resounding success. AME has 45 years of frame manufacturing experience and is now one of the most well known chassis & suspension fabricators in the world. They have developed new and better ways to apply 21st century dynamics to build custom frames for every type of show car, race vehicle, and off-road use and their products are sold world-wide.

Please visit for additional information and specifications concerning their coil over shock absorber components used as standard equipment on all Art Morrison chassis.

The Exotic Corvette Chassis in NOT just your basic Frame:

Art Morrison Enterprises‘ engineers have made slight modifications to their now famous Corvette® ‘GT Sport Chassis’ to fit the Exotic Vette SSX models to meet our design requirements. All standard model Exotic Vettes will be equipped with the tubular upper and lower control arm front suspension with Strange Engineering’s 7-way fully adjustable coil-over gas charged shock absorbers.


NOTE: The *Optional “original” GM C-6 front suspension components are available at an additional cost if a customer wishes to select it.

Handling performance may be enhanced through the use of the geometrically designed and fabricated C6 Corvette® Independent Front Suspension components which vastly improve the handling over the notoriously harsh ride and poor handling of the stock 1957 Corvette® suspension. Our goal is to make even the most discriminating sports car driver envious.Front Suspension Detail

REAR SUSPENSION – Standard Frame
The ‘Standard Exotic Vette’ rear suspension of the GT Sport Chassis has by no means been ignored and boasts a triangulated 4-bar set up with a Strange Engineering 9 inch ford posi-traction differential and a 4:11 gear ratio with 31 spline axles which is also suspended by Strange Engineering‘s 7-way fully adjustable gas charged coil-over shocks. This in itself is an improvement over the rear suspension of the C5 Corvette ®by using a special triangulated 4-bar rear suspension instead of an Independent Rear Suspension. The new setup performs well in terms of acceleration control and provides excellent lateral stability.

Art Morrison ‘“ Corvette® GT Chassis – Rear Suspension

NOTE: The photos and information on this page were provided by and approved by Mr. Art Morrison, owner of Art Morrison Enterprises. He has been supplying car frames to Bob Alford’s clients for over 23 years!

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