Body – Fully Customized ’57 Style Vette

SSX Body

GM built an iconic 1957 Chevrolet® Corvette® Roadster that was never sold to the public. Historians say that only two custom prototype roadsters were made: one for the show circuit and one for racing trials. Exotic has completely customized that design so the looks and performance characteristics are BRAND NEW!

Custom SSX Body Specifications:

The original body has been completely customized and redesigned for the Modern Nostalgic version with unique eye appeal, but with the demanding performance attributes that drivers demand in today’s marketplace.

The final result was created by Bob Alford, who is the head of design and engineering at Exotic Vette Concepts Inc. in Orlando Florida. Bob significantly altered the body to resemble a Can-Am style race car sporting full and smooth fender flares giving a wide-body stance with lower body ground affects which also ad to the aesthetics of the design.

The driver’s compartment has been stretched a full five (5) inches in order to accommodate a larger or taller driver. However the stock body length still matches the original 1957 body. The interior space is a significant improvement over the original factory design for the ’57 Corvette which often cramped the occupants creating an uncomfortable driving experience.

All EXOTIC VETTE bodies are hand crafted in Orlando, FL unlike other body manufacturers that ship their body molds to Mexico or overseas to have their bodies produced.

Exotic uses vinylester resins and gel coats so as to produce the highest quality bodies and strongest parts possible. Most kit car companies and manufacturers use polyester resins in their molding process to cut both time and production costs, often producing an inferior product.

Every EXOTIC VETTE body is left to fully cure in the mold. This helps avoid any possible distortion of the body or related parts. All of our bodies are reinforced in critical areas and built to exacting specifications because our goal is to eliminate flexing or cracking that other fiberglass cars experience.

All body parts are hand fit to specific tolerances so as to achieve a smooth, well fitting body with uniform body lines and tolerances. All of our bodies are treated with a very durable under coat film which helps to protect the body from any damage that may occur from minor road debris or gravel damage.

SPECIAL NOTE: The hoods on all SSX models are designed to open from the front for ease of engine service and viewing during car show events.

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