Motorhead Garage Video

Motorhead Garage Video

Recent video shoot for Motorhead Garage to be aired on the following venues:

Air Dates/Times: Motorhead Garage, Episode 1716

  • 10/15/2017 – 8:30AM on Velocity
  • 11/17/2017 – 1:30PM & 4:30PM on MAVTV
  • 10/25/2017 – 7PM & 10PM on Rev’n
  • 10/28/2017 – 6:30PM on Rev’n
  • 10/29/2017 – 8PM on Rev’n
  • All times are Eastern.

Old News Archives

News Archives

NEWS — June 22, 2017:  Show time again ….. we arrived at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway to participate in the annual Bloomington Gold Corvette® Event, sponsored by Rick Hendrick Chevrolet.  We will be meeting up with Mr. Ken Lingenfelter, Pres. & CEO  of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.  While visiting with him in Bowling Green, we discussed the possibility of having a “Lingenfelter” engine option.  We hope to work out a formal relationship with his company later on during 2017.

NEWS — June 5, 2017:   We just parked the Exotic SSX at the famous “Don Shumacher Racing Headquarters” in Indianapolis, Indiana.  WHAT A PLACE!  One of our Founders has a close friend who works on Don’s seven different NHRA drag race car bodies including cars driven by Jack Beckman, Tony Shumacher, Antron Brown and the 2016 NHRA Champ, Ron Capps!  We are waiting to go to Indy Motor Speedway in 2 weeks.

NEWS — June 1-3, 2017:  Attended the Bowling Green, Kentucky based CORVETTE® HOMECOMING event, held at the National Corvette® Museum. Our Exotic SSX was invited to park  with 10 other “elite cars” inside the convention hall at the Museum because of its “1957 Replica Vette heritage and popularity.  We had a great response and thousand of photos taken of the car.  Even the Corvette® Factory employees were impressed.  Plus the SSX won a “VIP Show Silver Award” that we are quite proud of.

NEWS — April 21, 2017:  Took the Exotic SSX to Sebring, FL’s Roadrace course….. it was a “CHIN TRACK DAY” which is something that anyone who likes road racing needs to attend (google it).  Lucky for  us, the director of the event asked EXOTIC SSX to participate in the Parade Laps.  It was a “thrill ride” and the car loved the track and all the curves…. “she drove like a dream” said Bob Alford.   All the participants and visitors loved our car…… Another successful outing!

NEWS — April 8, 2017:  Just ONE DAY OLD and we take the Exotic SSX Roadster Prototype to its first car show — The EXOTIC CAR SHOW at CELEBRATION, FL.  There were over 125 Lambos and Ferraris there along with Jay Leno for entertainment. We won our very first TROPHY … The SILVER AWARD!

NEWS — April 7, 2017 – at 3:30 AM: —-  Proto-type Roadster SSX Completed!  YES, —- Bob finished the build at 3:30 in the morning on a Friday.  The the car was started at 8:00 a.m., then loaded the BRAND NEW EXOTIC SSX, into a trailer and drove it straight to Daytona International Raceway to show it off to over 30 road-race teams running on the track all day.  Our new Exotic SSX was a hit!

NEWS — March 26, 2017:  Custom engine air intake system is installed with K & N dual filters to let the monster breath…… we want to get the 530 HP engine to show us what its’ got!!

NEWS — March 6, 2017:  Interior installation is being completed.  A professional job and it looks terrific.

NEWS –February 28, 2017:  The body meets the frame for the 4th time.  Final Assemble stage begins.  The newly painted and buffed Exotic SSX looks terrific !!! The color is custom …. selected by our professional painter Bob Alford.  Bright metallic red in sunshine, and a beautiful deep wine red color inside or at night.

NEWS — February 10, 2017:  The new paint is now sanded.  Yes, it may look lousy, but it is now ready for a buff, then another buff, then a final buff, then wax will make the baby shine !!!

NEWS — February 8, 2017:  The EXOTIC SSX is now painted…. final coat is drying in Sunshine today!

NEWS — January 24, 2017:  Base coat of paint now on the first Body…. we will soon be adding some color and new excitement to our life!!

NEWS — January 17, 2017: – Windscreen Roadster model is chosen as the BASE BODY DESIGN MODEL for our prototype EXOTIC SSX.

NEWS — December 16, 2016:  The Frame is “powder-coated” and the new LS 3 is fitted to it. NICE !

NEWS — November 15, 2016: Our newly assembled Art Morrison chassis is now complete.  Engine is in place and is now being finished.  What a beautiful looking machine.  The 530 HP engine will soon be able to growl like never before!

NEWS — November , 14, 2016:  The very first, SSX Body has been popped from the mold. It looks near perfect !  The next step is to smooth all the “mold-lines” and prepare the body for the a spectacular paint job….. and then full assembly.

NEWS — October 15, 2016 –  Bob Alford has just finished the fiberglass build phase of the prototype body that is now in-cased in our MOLD.  This will let the body cure in the mold for at least three weeks to make sure all is well.  This is a one-piece body mold. Now to make the doors, hood and trunk lid.

NEWS — September 2016:  The Exotic Vette SSX body MOLD is now done.

NEWS — November 11, 2015: The Custom Art Morrison Frame is now in the shop!  This is the G-Sport C-1 Corvette® frame created to fit older Corvette’s being rebuilt for racing and high performance activities.

NEWS — August, 31, 2015:  The customized Exotic SSX body has been completed and is now prepared to begin the Exotic SSX mold.  Professional help from Bruce Anderson (retired) has been retained.

NEWS — Nov. – 2011:  Original Body modifications completed, painted and waxed, ready to make a custom body mold for new SSX bodies.

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July 17, 2017

NEWS — July 17, 2017:
Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. is very pleased to announce that Mr. Ken Kingenfelter has given us  his personal authorization to enable EXOTIC VETTE CONCEPTS, INC. to include a “Lingenfelter Performance Engineering” engine as a option for anyone who orders a custom version of the Exotic SSX automobile!

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August 10, 2017

News:  August 10, 2017:

Due to customer requests, Exotic is designing and creating a fully custom  “Hardtop Coupe” version of our Exotic Vette SSX.  After showing the prototype Roadster in four different regions at National Events, customer’s #1 question was:  “Do you plan on building a model with a hardtop?”  We are responding to that request.

August 14, 2017

News: August 14, 2017:

Our Management team has determined that creating a “Removable Targa Top” design will be incorporated in the design phase of the Coupe Version of the SSX.  It seems that customers want choices……and we are listening to our customer base.

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Sept 2, 2017

News: Sept 2, 2017:

Our contact phone number has been changed to:  407-595-8565.
This is being done in order for customers to ask questions and get information more quickly during the Months of September and October while our offered-price for any Standard Model SSX is reduced. ONLY the next two orders get this lower price!

The savings being passed to us by Vendors before year-end is quite significant, so we can offer the next two “Standard Model SSX” vehicles for a fantastic deal of only $135,000.
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