Vette Lovers

Vette Lovers

Original Design of the 1957 GM Corvette® Roadster

Vette Lovers all over the world has seen an iconic 1957 Corvette® at one time or another in their lifetime. That car’s picture seems to stick in your mind forever.  Those iconic cars that rolled off the General Motors assembly line over 60 years ago, created a lot of Corvette® lovers and many high performance car enthusiasts all over the world.

The Exotic Vette SSX must be titled & registered as a “Replica” in most States, may at first glance remind you of the good old days when the early model Corvette® was introduced to the public.

However there are some striking differences in body shape, overall design, frame, structural make-up, comfort & performance.

Sure, the basic body style created the building blocks in our minds for this completely custom body.  We  re-designed it from front to back and now fabricate production bodies for fully assembled custom ordered cars. We also imagineered some custom performance-oriented changes that make this a brand new car, suitable for any car guy or car gal who really sees the difference in this unique high performance car. We created what we call:

A front/side view of our Standard Exotic Vette SSX is the first prototype used to let Buyers see the high quality, hand-crafted Exotic SSX.

(This is our base-priced “Standard Model”) You can select colors, interior, etc.

MORE COMFORTABLE – with 5 inches more interior space &
more leg-room than any original ’57 Corvette®.

BETTER HANDLING – with state-of-the-art high tech frame, independent front suspension system, modern shocks, fat tires, & new custom wheels.

QUICKER & FASTER brand new GM Performance Parts engine and drive train – New Corvette® power, now available for the public. (smallest engine offered has 430 HP!!

SAFER – more efficient braking system, improved body construction, modern steering controls & custom twin roll bars.


MORE FUN TO DRIVE – than the old original cars or re-built cars on the old frame that uses stock OEM parts, & 60 year old technology.


Some say a Vette is a Vette. Usually these kinds of remarks come from Ford or MOPAR owners. Anyone who loves the original GM Corvettes® old or new – will love owning and driving one of our SSX Vette models. After being in the custom car and restoration business some 40+ years Mr. Bob Alford, the designer and manager of production for Exotic says, there are a lot of folks who don’t understand the concept of custom car, but wait until you see this brand new modern Exotic Vette SS-X!

A custom car is just that, something that is significantly different than when it started out. Thousands of car guys and gals have tried to use Hot Rod Shops or body-kits to build or re-build old-style Corvettes® and other models. But many just gave up after months or years of trying. Car magazine editors have guessed that more than 1,000 old, partially-built hot rods or old “car kits” are just setting idle, less than half-finished, in storage buildings and garages!