Disclosure Detail

Disclosure Detail

Disclosure Detail from Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc.. Exotic Vettes produces it’s own custom vehicle with it’s own body mold and hand-crafted parts along with brand new parts from various Vendors, that are then assembled to create the unique Exotic Vette SSX. While the new body replicates a portion of the 1957 Corvette “appearance” it is properly identified as a “Replica 1957 Corvette®”.

Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. is NOT affiliated with GM or it’s Chevrolet Corvette® division.  The Exotic Vette SSX does not use any old or original 1957 production Corvette® parts made for GM during the 1957 production year of the Corvette®.

Neither the Chevrolet Motor Division nor any other segment of General Motors or it’s affiliates or subsidiaries shall bear any responsibility what-so-ever for the content of this website, related marketing materials, or the cars actually produced by Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. or any actions of its agents or affiliates.

Any use of the Corvette® name at this site is used only as a point of reference to the original 1957 automobile or the style of the original 1957 model displayed by GM but not sold to the public in 1957. Any other references will be used only as a reference to specific  products designed or manufactured by other “licensed” vendors selling Corvette® parts.  General Motors, GM, the GM emblems, Chevrolet, Chevy, Corvette, and the Corvette Emblems are all registered trademarks of General Motors or its affiliates.

Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. will be utilizing its access to GM and the Performance Parts Division to purchase multiple engine and drivetrain parts specifically designed & used in the modern Corvette®, and Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc., will purchase multiple parts from other manufacturers and/or Vendors who may be licensed by GM to sell and/or make Corvette® designed performance parts. Several of these parts are used in the production of our Exotic Vette SSXmodels.

Because of the dramatically re-designed and customized nature of the Exotic Vette SSX models we build, they must be designated as a “replica” for title and registration purposes in most states. In some state it may be necessary for Buyers to specifically identify our car as a “Replica ’57 Corvette® as proof that it is NOT an originally built General Motors, Chevrolet® product.

No copyright / trademark infringement is intended or implied by Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. or its agents, affiliations, organizations, its officers, or sponsors.

SSXDisclosure to Buyers:
EXOTIC VETTE CONCEPTS, INC. is a production-based company that builds its vehicles as hand-crafted. Only fully assembled cars by Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. will be sold. These are custom-designed as very unique and modernized visions of old cars made over 60 years ago. Our Exotic Vette SSX’s customized body and all new parts attest to this being a brand new vehicle, NOT built by GM.

This includes world renowned vendors who build our custom frames for the older style Corvette® dimensions, suspension parts, high performance 50-state-legal engines, comfortable seating, and individuals who are professionally trained as body & paint experts and assemblers with many years of experience. We use the latest in technology to build brand new, show quality, & street ready Vettes identified as “replica 1957 Corvettes®”.  However, all EXOTIC VETTE SSX models are hand-crafted and personalized for each Buyer.

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