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Bob Alford, Design & Production


Bob Alford’s bio. “I was born on Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama on April 10th 1951. Our family relocated to Oxnard, California in 1955 where my Dad was stationed at Oxnard Air Force Base. That is where I was exposed to the Hot Rod & Custom industry and here is my “DREAM CAR”. The  VISION is now a reality !

Bob with the hood up on the Exotic Vettes SSX prototype

“At the age of 8, I was allowed to help clean a show worthy 1929 Model A Roadster which a neighbor had built over an 8 year period. The Model A was featured on the cover of Hot Rod magazine in the late 50’s when the magazine was in its infancy. I would lie on my back on a home made creeper with a pile of rags on my chest and rolled under the car and told not to come out until it was clean.

“The first time I saw the Bone (as it was called), something happened inside of me and needless to say I was BITTEN and contracted the incurable disease known as HOT ROD FEVER at a very early age.

“I obtained my first job in a local body shop in Oxnard in 1965 where I cut my teeth learning the basics of custom paint & body work from a local body man & a custom painter who were gracious enough to take me under their wings and teach me. I worked for the next 4 years learning the trade always focusing on the Custom side of the industry.

Bob Alford at a car show

“After graduating from Oxnard High School in 1969 I moved to Anniston, Alabama where I had spent many summers during my early years. I opened my first shop where I further developed my skills combining custom and collision work to keep the bills paid. I moved to Orlando, Florida in 1973 and worked in various shops to earn a living all the while keeping a custom job going on the side. I relocated back to California in 1975 where I met my wife of 39 years and counting, continued to hone my skills & create custom cars & motorcycles for whoever would trust me with their dream vehicle.

“In 1991 I moved my family to Orlando and after working in various shops I started my corporation, Pro Street Customs in 1996 and have focused solely on the custom industry ever since.

“I always strive to develop my talent & skills with a hands on approach and an attitude that if it can be dreamed, it can be built. Over the past 47 years I have designed & built quite a few Award Winning custom cars & motorcycles for many satisfied customers who for the most part become life long friends during their projects. I have been told numerous times that I have a God given talent because I’ve always had the ability to envision & design a project to its finished state right down to the last detail before I ever start on it.

“My most recent project is a Can-Am styled 1957 Corvette® Roadster completely customized and re-designed but built for the street, road course and the drag strip which I believe to be the most versatile production Corvette® styled vehicle ever to be introduced to the modern market place.

“I had my first vision for a SS-X 1957 Vette in 1975 and have been refining the concept for the last 50 years.”

Bob Alford

Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc.
Design and Production Department

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