About Exotic Vette Concepts

About Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc..

* Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. is the birthplace and home of the Exotic Vette SSX , a replica 1957 Corvette® roadster style car which has been fully customized and fabricated to be one of the most versatile custom built vehicles ever offered in the performance aftermarket. Not only has it been engineered to be a performance street machine, it also allows the customer to enjoy full autocross type driving capabilities.

A front view of our Vette SSX Roadster model showing the exclusive double cockpit windscreen along with the standard twin roll bars.

The standard Exotic Vette as built by our factory is a fully customized “replica” of the original one-of-a-kind show car built by GM for the 1957 New York Auto Show. (see below).

(Click picture to see more info and the ORIGINAL New York SHOW PHOTO)

The SSX Roadster is solely intended for normal driving on public streets and highways! Any other use by the owner after delivery is to be done at the sole discretion and full direct responsibility of the Owner and/or Driver. This includes any damages, repairs or any other liability created by using the vehicle in any off-road or racing activity.

*The overall design of the Exotic Vette SSX has been created and engineered with a low center of gravity with all of the necessary components being placed between the front & rear axle center lines for proper balance so as to enhance cornering capabilities.

Should the customer be a drag race fan, the Exotic Vette SSX is perfectly designed to look and run great at the drag strip as well. If a buyer wishes, the Exotic Vette SSX can be delivered in many race compliant formats at a substantial cost increase as it would be considered a CUSTOM BUILD and the vehicle would be built subject to compliance with the intended sanctioning body rules or regulations.

Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. is located in Orlando, FL and is now the home of the Exotic Vette SSX model with a significantly redesigned body and mechanically improved replica of the original iconic 1957 Corvette®.

Bob Alford, an experienced professional custom show-car builder and phenomenal automobile painter has spent many years creating this new body design which can effectively utilize modern technology to assemble this very high performance and refined automobile. There is well over 1000 man-hours in the design and development of the plug used to make the fiberglas body for the  Exotic Vette SSX . Each car receives a hand-made body created for specifically for that order. These are not store-bought fiberglas bodies that sit in a warehouse waiting on a customer.

The corporation is registered in the State of Florida as Exotic Vette Concepts, Inc. which is a woman-majority-owned business enterprise (WBE). The principal Owner of the corporation is Nancy Alford. You may contact her husband Bob who is the company’s Production Manager at:  Bob@exoticvettes.com.

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